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It is prohibited to bring the following items or objects into the stadium:
- Banners, insignia, badges, flyers or any other medium intended to be seen by third parties for political, ideological, philosophical or commercial purposes, especially those of a racist or xenophobic nature
- Pyrotechnic devices or items, especially sparklers, torches and candles, flares, fireworks and firecrackers, smoke bombs or rockets
- Alcoholic drinks
- Any objects that could be used as projectiles, to build weapons or threaten public safety, especially weapons (knives, sharp objects, revolvers, etc.), tools, articles made of glass (bottles, glasses etc.), helmets, security footwear, foghorns, rigid or wide-diameter flagpoles, flags on poles, bars, metal cans, or plastic bottles of over 0.5 litres.
- Animals, except in exceptional cases duly authorised by the Commission d'Organisation des Compétitions (Competition Organising Committee), and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by public health and safety regulations
- Cameras with interchangeable lenses and camcorders
- Other items may be added to this list by the Organisers, depending on the type of event 

At the Allianz Riviera, supervised left-luggage lockers are provided free of charge at each staircase. Anyone carrying banned items (see list above) is required to deposit them in the lockers. Individuals refusing to cooperate will be denied entrance to the Allianz Riviera with no possibility of a refund.
All ticket holders are informed that they may be filmed while in the stadium or while entering it, as part of CCTV surveillance measures. Anyone violating one or more of these bans will be liable to prosecution in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Sports Code (articles L332-3 to L332-15) relating to safety at sporting events.

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