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The Stadium and its environment

The Allianz Riviera, designed by internationally renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, opened in 2013. An initiative of the City of Nice, the project received strong backing from Allianz, the stadium name partner.
The venue has already given a fantastic boost to its resident club, OGC Nice, thanks to its quality facilities and the spectator experience it offers.

The Allianz Riviera is a multi-purpose stadium. In addition to OGC Nice matches, it has hosted the UEFA Euro 2016™, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, France 2019™, the start of the 3rd stage of the 2020 Tour de France, numerous international football and rugby matches between national sides and clubs, major concerts, trade shows and seminars. After the semi-finals of the Top 14 rugby tournament in June 2022, the stadium is now preparing to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games.

The Allianz Riviera can hold up to 36,178 spectators for football or rugby matches, and concert set-ups can allow for additional capacity.

Groups and individuals can explore the Allianz Riviera with tour guides from the National Sport Museum. Advance booking is required for tours.
For more information and to book your visit, please follow this page.

Our website boasts innovative technology that enables you to explore different areas of the stadium in various set-ups during a virtual 360° tour. Click here to take your e-tour!

The Allianz Riviera is on most social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. Plus, on its website, a News page posts regular updates on stadium life. Click here for the latest news!

The National Sport Museum has shared the stadium premises since 27th June 2014. Its extensive collections include nearly 45,000 objects and 400,000 documents. Find out more about the museum by clicking here.

Adjacent to the stadium, Nice Valley boasts 29,000 m2 of commercial space offering a wide range of shops and services.
Real estate specialist for over 20 years, the Desjouis group is at the heart of the extensive Nice Valley project designed to respect the heritage of the region.
Several commercial leases are still available. For details, contact the sales department at b.grimmonprez@desjouis.net for a choice location.

Right next to the stadium, the Saint-Isidore Ikea and related housing programme make the Plaine du Var ‘Eco Valley’ a lively neighbourhood. Opening hours are from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. To access the store, even during stadium events, check the practical information here!

Practical info

The Allianz Riviera is located at the heart of the Eco-Valley, in the Saint-Isidore district in the northwest part of the city.
Allianz Riviera / Boulevard des Jardiniers - 06200 Nice / GPS: Latitude: 43.704 / Longitude: 7.191

Public parking in stadium car parks and overflow parking in the Plaine du Var are managed by the City of Nice and the organiser of each event. On this site, you will find parking maps corresponding to the next event to be held at the Allianz Riviera by clicking here!

Public car parks generally open between 2 and 3 hours before match time. For concerts, car parks generally open earlier. Details are available one day prior to the event in our News section under "Practical info and access tips".



The stadium esplanade is generally accessible 2 or 3 hours before match time. Stadium doors often open 90 minutes before match time. Detailed information is available several days prior to the event in our News section under "Practical info and access tips".

For major events, the stadium usually opens 2 hours before the event begins. Please check with the organising body (OGC Nice, LNR, FFF, FFR, etc.) for exact times.

Only the esplanade can be accessed by the public when no events are scheduled. Stadium tours are organised by the National Sport Museum.

The stadium is located only 6 km from the Nice Côte d’Azur international airport

The Nice Valley shopping centre was added to the Allianz Riviera in early 2016. Offering a wide range of shopping and services, the venue is popular with locals and visitors alike.

View the list of shops and services here!


On major event days, you can find a wide range of snacks and meals inside and outside the stadium. Beverage kiosks and food trucks are available on the Allianz Riviera esplanade at least 2 hours before each event. When no events are scheduled, food options are available at the Nice Valley shopping centre!


Supervised left-luggage lockers are provided free of charge at each staircase. Anyone carrying banned items (see list below) is required to deposit them in the lockers. Individuals refusing to cooperate will be denied entrance to the Allianz Riviera with no possibility of a refund.

It is prohibited to bring the following items or objects into the stadium:
- Banners, insignia, badges, flyers or any other medium intended to be seen by third parties for political, ideological, philosophical or commercial purposes, especially those of a racist or xenophobic nature
- Pyrotechnic devices or items, especially sparklers, torches and candles, flares, fireworks and firecrackers, smoke bombs or rockets
- Alcoholic drinks
- Any objects that could be used as projectiles, to build weapons or threaten public safety, especially weapons (knives, sharp objects, revolvers, etc.), tools, articles made of glass (bottles, glasses etc.), helmets, security footwear, foghorns, rigid or wide-diameter flagpoles, flags on poles, bars, metal cans, or plastic bottles of over 0.5 litres.
- Animals, except in exceptional cases duly authorised by the Commission d'Organisation des Compétitions (Competition Organising Committee), and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by public health and safety regulations
- Cameras with interchangeable lenses and camcorders
- Other items may be added to this list by the Organisers, depending on the type of event 

At the Allianz Riviera, supervised left-luggage lockers are provided free of charge at each staircase. Anyone carrying banned items (see list above) is required to deposit them in the lockers. Individuals refusing to cooperate will be denied entrance to the Allianz Riviera with no possibility of a refund.
All ticket holders are informed that they may be filmed while in the stadium or while entering it, as part of CCTV surveillance measures. Anyone violating one or more of these bans will be liable to prosecution in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Sports Code (articles L332-3 to L332-15) relating to safety at sporting events.

If you’ve lost an item during an OGC Nice match, send an email directly to the club at billetterie@ogcnice.com. For other events, please send your email to objetstrouves@allianz-riviera.fr. Please note that no inquiries will be allowed in person without prior notification via email.

- Connect to the free “AllianzRiviera” Wi-Fi network.
- If the ID portal doesn’t launch automatically, open your web browser to access the portal.
- Create your account in 2 seconds. 

Ta-da! You’re connected!

The Allianz Riviera has 467 HD Wi-Fi hotspots which offer spectators an internet connection speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second, allowing up to 10,000 simultaneous connections. To access this service, just click here!




To receive an alert as soon as tickets go on sale for a concert, show or match, go to the event page on our website and enter your email address in the “Receive Ticket Alert” ("Etre alerté(e)de la mise en vente") button at the top right.

Be sure to get all the latest information by signing up for our newsletter: go to the blue "Sign up for news" section at the bottom of the page.

Go to the ticketing page on our website. Then click on the event that interests you. You will find all the information you need to book your seats on the specific event page. 

Please note that we no longer sell seats for OGC Nice matches directly. For OGC Nice tickets, click here


Tickets generally go on sale several months to one year before an event. To be sure you don’t miss the ticket launch, go to the event page and sign up for a Ticket Alert.



Some, but not all, events offer reduced rate tickets. Check for available reductions on the ticketing page of each event.

A presale is an exclusive sale organised before tickets are officially available to the public. These enable a few customers to purchase seats before tickets go on sale at all the usual outlets. 

The term "field seating" refers to seats set up on the playing field for concerts.

To view the seating plan showing the different ticket categories, go to any event page and click on "See the price table" at the top right. 

Our ticketing service is official and secure, our rates and seats are approved by the event organisers. 
To avoid scams, never buy tickets on websites that are not authorised by the event producer. Should a problem arise, you may not be able to exchange or refund your ticket if necessary.

Every person, no matter what their age, must have a ticket to access the stadium. Moreover, it is recommended that parents avoid bringing children under 5 years of age to events. 

Some events offer the option of purchasing Allianz Global Assistance which will refund your event tickets in certain cases. Click here for more details.

Some events offer the option of purchasing Allianz Global Assistance which will refund your event tickets in certain cases. Click here for more details.

Some events offer the option of purchasing Allianz Global Assistance which will refund your event tickets in certain cases. Click here for more details.

If event ticketing is nominative, you can modify the name of the ticket holder in your client account if necessary.
If it is not nominative, the ticket holder must still be able to justify the buyer’s identity during a ticket check, for example, by showing a copy of official ID.


All our e-tickets must be printed out, unless the event organiser explicitly states otherwise.

To find your e-tickets, connect to your account on our online ticketing service and go to the  "My tickets" page by clicking on this link!

Please note, this procedure is only valid for tickets purchased on our website. 

In the case of practical enquiries about your purchase and attendance, if you have ordered tickets for an event on the Allianz Riviera website, you can either contact the firm handling the ordering software for the technical After Sales part, or the Organizer (OGC Nice for football matches, Allianz Riviera for other events). Here are the relevant contact addresses.

Corporate Events

The Allianz Riviera is an exclusive venue for corporate events of any size! Ask our team of experts about turnkey solutions in an exceptional setting or customized planning to ensure the success of any kind of event.  Our venue offers multi-purpose reception areas and a wide range of universes adapted to your company’s needs for meetings, cocktail parties, seminars, conventions and team-building sessions. Whether you are inviting 20 colleagues or several thousand guests, our sales team provides a wide range of services for you to craft a bespoke event (equipment and material, reception and partner catering - la Toque du Midi, Helen Traiteur and De Bouche en Bouche). You will find more information on the various possibilities on this link.

Are you planning a working group, meeting, workshop, seminar, convention, company party, film shoot, forum, trade show, team-building, or other event? Unleash your imagination to create a unique stadium experience in our different areas. Find out more by clicking here!


The Allianz Riviera is an ideal venue for corporate team building through sports challenges, musical workshops, guest speakers and trainers as well as stadium tours or a visit of the National Sport Museum to learn about French sports heritage. Options include: Escape game, drone races, Soap Box Race, strategy or skill games, etc.  

Find out more about organising a corporate event at the Allianz Riviera, by sending an email to: entreprise@allianz-riviera.fr

Experience prestigious events in exceptional conditions in one of our hospitality areas (boxes & lounges), available at every Allianz Riviera event. Take advantage of a golden opportunity to boost your business in a one-of-kind setting by inviting your biggest clients, most promising prospects or colleagues. 

Explore the possibilities by contacting us at hospitalites@allianz-riviera.fr 

From major sporting events to big-name entertainment, the Allianz Riviera hosts premium events whose common denominator is passion. It offers a unique opportunity to build brand awareness and enhance visibility. Our sales team is available to work with you to develop a partnership project in line with your company objectives and values.   
Contact us:

Olivier Yvon
Sales Director
+33 (0)4 89 22 42 35
Email: olivier.yvon@allianz-riviera.fr


PMR stands for Persons with Limited Mobility. 
PSH stands for Persons with Disabilities. 

The Allianz Riviera provides accessible seating for 131 disabled persons:
- seating for 88 on the lower level, including 8 in the visitors section and 4 reserved for suite customers
- seating for 16 on mid-level reserved for lounge customers
- seating for 27 on the upper level, including one seat in the press box

 PSH seating (for disabled persons) is always paired with a seat for a companion.
Send an email to the organiser of the event for which you want to book seating. Please specify the date of the event, the number of persons with disabilities and attach the supporting documents (disability card & ID card):
- For OGC Nice matches billetterie@ogcnice.com
- For other events such as concerts: psh@allianz-riviera.fr

Contact the organiser of the event you plan to attend to reserve an accessible parking spot.
73 accessible parking spots are available:                                                               
- 4 in the P1 car park
- 8 in the P2 car park
- 4 on the external access road reserved for staff members
- 57 in the P0 car park



In addition to accessible seating and parking, the Allianz Riviera offers a system for hearing-impaired individuals as well as 9 dedicated lifts. Finally, a gate is located at each access control point for easy wheelchair access.

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