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Monday 14 October 2019

Surprise VIP visit: Barbie stops by the Allianz Riviera

For over 30 years, Jean-Pierre Icardo has been staging Barbie dolls in various iconic French Riviera sites and locations. Avid collector and meticulous photographer, he makes all the accessories himself to enhance and contrast photos taken in natural decors. 
This innovative concept springs from a childhood passion. Now 65 years old, he can finally devote all his time and energy to these one-of-a-kind photo shoots. Every scene takes hours to design and put together, carefully checking that the surroundings look life-size. Mr. Icardo plays with nuances of colour, light, depth and proportions to craft amazingly realistic photos. 
Over the years, he has amassed a photo collection which was made into a book, “Barbie on the French Riviera”. Today, he continues his work and his little models were recently seen striking poses inside the Allianz Riviera. 
From stadium seats to the first aid station, take a surprising backstage peek at a France 3 TV news story featuring two childhood heroes: Barbie and Ken.


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