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Monday 28 September 2020

European Sustainable Development Week SHARE THIS

The 2020 ESDW will be held exceptionally from 18 September to 8 October for three weeks, with the dates of 20 to 26 September set aside to mark the anniversary of Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
These three weeks will focus on sustainable development, promoting awareness to the widest possible audience, highlighting its challenges and encouraging action. A call for everyone to take concrete and effective action to build a sustainable future in their country, and our world!
Citizens, associations, local authorities, companies… All participants are invited to get involved. The goal is to show, through our projects, how each one of us can contribute to reaching the 17 goals.
The Eco-Vallée, home to the Allianz Riviera, is a model of eco-construction where sustainable development is a top priority. That is why the stadium signed, in June 2018, the Sports Facilities Ecoresponsible Charter launched by the French Sports Minister and the WWF. 
The Allianz Riviera sets an example in four major areas: energy and fluid management, waste management, local heritage and solidarity.
Thanks to its eco-design, the stadium is extremely energy efficient. The rooftop solar system, designed in Europe, uses the AlkoSolar solution developed by EDF to help lower the stadium’s electricity bill. Geothermal heat pumps provide hot and ice-cold water through a system of thermal exchanges with the Plaine du Var water table. Thanks to winds in the Plaine du Var, this system cools the lounges, delaying the need for air conditioning. Two rainwater recovery tanks, via the roof, cover a considerable part of the field’s watering needs as well as providing water for stadium toilets. Finally, electricity use is optimized via the Centralised Technical Management of lighting, as well as through a number of initiatives such as turning off the stadium’s LED signage at night.
The Allianz Riviera strives to optimise waste sorting and recycling. Sorting bins are available on site for catering outlets as well as the public. At every event, spectators are invited to use reusable cups (with a deposit), as well as ‘Lemon Tri’ recycling bins for PET bottles. Finally, OGC Nice has extended its partnership with the Restos du Cœur charity to include all Allianz Riviera events, ensuring systematic recovery of unsold sandwiches.
Since its opening, the stadium has actively participated in the life of its local community. Located in the Nice neighbourhood of Saint-Isidore, it has fostered close relations with the neighbourhood council. Public service events are regularly held at the stadium, in collaboration with the City of Nice. In addition to hosting OGC Nice matches, the Allianz Riviera joins the football team for certain community and charity projects. It is also engaged with other local sports organisations – Azur Sport Organisation for running races as well as the Stade Niçois rugby teams and OGC Nice women’s handball. Finally, each year, the Allianz Riviera opens its doors to Nice residents and visitors during the European Heritage Days.
The Allianz Riviera carries out its civic duty with pleasure, playing an important role in charitable and community programmes. Since 2014, the Allianz Riviera has partnered with the Nice-based association Solidarsport which promotes, with the help of local businesses, respect in all its forms to local middle school students. The stadium has also been a partner of the Premiers de Cordée association since 2019, organising a day dedicated to bringing joy to sick and handicapped children. 

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