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Sunday 3 May 2020

Why our corporate events enjoy high online visibility

The Allianz Riviera is a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose venue that offers a full range of hospitality facilities and services ideal for hosting from ten to several thousand guests in an exceptional setting. In just a few short years, the Allianz Riviera has become the new go-to event venue in Nice and across the French Riviera.
Imagine your event in a venue with over 10,000m² of indoor hospitality space and 8,000 to 20,000m² of outdoor space, a plethora of possibilities benefiting from facilities you won’t find anywhere else in the region:
- 1 conference room seating 320 
- 9 VIP lounges with total capacity of 2,000 guests
- 44 boxes with 10 to 40 seats
- Reserved areas in the sporting zone
- Over 1,500 parking spots next to the stadium
In addition to enjoying modular facilities that adapt to any event, the Allianz Riviera website provides a showcase for your projects, enabling them to reach a broader target. Eye-catching, user-friendly and chock-full of content, the allianz-riviera.fr site is an event planner’s best friend, putting your event in the digital spotlight. It offers an optimal user experience as well as integrated SEO. This makes allianz-riviera.fr an efficient tool not only for the venue, but for event planners too. Various levels of event featuring are available: in the events schedule, on the scrolling menus and on our news page.
In fact, our website includes all the information visitors need before and during their stadium visit. Plus, it positions each of your sporting, cultural or trade related events in preferential position on the web. As you know, depending on the complexity of your company site and how competitive its business environment, it’s hard to stand out on the web. But when you hold your event at the Allianz Riviera, you will surf on the notoriety of our website to rise to the top of Google or Bing search results. This ensures regular, quality traffic to your site to optimise your sales performance. 
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a time-consuming task. While a concert featuring an international star will effortlessly jump to the top of search results, lower-profile local events require web-savvy crafting of text and content. Today, business growth is linked to the internet, which is also an endless wealth of information. Online visibility is a top priority for any event planner. Sometimes it pays to get expert help to choose the right key words on which to position your event. Many agencies such as Smartweb Group provide SEO services based on their knowledge of the local market. 
Whatever you decide, our team would love to hear from you. Get the advice and answers you need by clicking here!
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