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Monday 14 December 2015

Three-time European champion Spain to play at Allianz Riviera

Two other highly promising matches are also scheduled:

- Spain v Turkey on Friday June 17th at 9:00 pm

- Sweden v Belgium on Wednesday June 22nd at 9:00 pm

Reigning champion Spain will be competing with a view to winning a fourth crown. Beyond the impact of this feat, seeing La Roja perform is a guarantee of witnessing the peak of a golden generation who has left its mark in football history.

For his part, King Zlatan would not miss this event for the world. Could Ibrahimovic’s turbulent love affair with France end in a blaze of glory? Before he takes what is likely to be his final bow, he will be intent on leaving one last trace to Sweden’s benefit.   

But nothing is set as yet, for France could turn out to be the Garden of Eden for Belgium, given the way in which the Red Devils have been impressing football fans lately. Currently leading FIFA rankings, a victory for the Belgian team would be no “Hazard”.

The Allianz Riviera is eager for the competition to begin so it can find out which teams it will be hosting in the eighth finals.

“The Allianz Riviera is ready to welcome supporters from all over Europe. The City of Nice will be holding a party to celebrate football,” says Allianz Riviera Chairman Sylvia Colloc enthusiastically.

See you all in 2016!


For further information about the Allianz Riviera, click here for the press kit!


NB: Now that general public tickets are sold out, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for information about booking VIP services (VIP boxes and lounges), whether for games taking place in Nice or even those held in all stadiums hosting the competition. 


CONTACT: Cedric LEAL - cedric.leal@allianz-riviera.fr / +33 (0)4 89 22 42 62


>>Download the official competition schedule.

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