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Monday 3 June 2019

Lemon Tri at the Allianz Riviera to recycle plastic bottles

The Allianz Riviera has long been committed to an eco-responsible approach. A new initiative took off a few weeks ago towards efficient waste sorting, thanks to a partnership between the startup Lemon Tri and the Coca-Cola brand. Lemon Tri provides innovative solutions based on incentives and solidarity to recycle more and recycle better.

On that occasion, 8 machines were set up inside the stadium to collect plastic bottles, and a few lucky people using the machines will be eligible to win a small surprise. As a result, anyone sorting waste may be rewarded with purchase coupons or small gifts to be won, along the lines of a lottery. “Our goal is to attract new people towards sorting waste by using games and incentives”, explains Lemon Tri co-founder Augustin Jaclin. 

The objective is simple: to encourage the public to sort their plastic bottles in order to better manage the packaging used up inside the stadium. In all, 55 smart machines are expected to be deployed ultimately in various heavy-use areas like football stadiums, businesses, campuses, shopping centres, train stations and more.

Those machines only accept the packaging they are meant to collect. To that end, they can recognise the shape and the material, but they can just as easily recognise the barcode. In that way, they segregate the various streams of goblets, bottles and cans. This technology makes it possible to do without a sorting facility. If necessary, collected packaging can be sorted over at the Lemon Tri premises in Pantin. 

As the Women’s World Cup draws nearer, the football world takes a step forward in improving the waste collection of drink packaging. Indeed, the machines have already been deployed in different stadiums across France, including the Allianz Riviera. 

Don’t forget to look around the place next time you come, and you will see those new machines that will offer you a chance to win a prize!

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