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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Getting to the Allianz Riviera by shuttle

The City of Nice and the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Area have made it easier for you to reach the stadium for OGC Nice matches:

1- Proceed to one of the 4 shuttle departure bays

2- Board the shuttle. The trip will last no more than 10 to 20 minutes

3- At the end of the match, take one of the 45 shuttles waiting just by the stadium to take you back to your departure bay


The following car parks are available: 

    -Glacière P4 car park, north of the stadium.     

    -Les Arboras P5 car park, south of the stadium off the M60202 expressway. 

    -City Centre - St-Roch Hospital - Line 95.

    -Depending on the stadium configurations and the amount of spectators, there may be shuttles leaving from the MIN market, far south of the stadium.


Free car parks and their capacity:

    -P4 = 490 spots

    -P5 = 1,061 spots

    -P MIN = from 500 to 900 spots

    -P3 = 100 spots 


 Travel time:

    -10 minutes from Les Arboras to Avenue Simone Veil.

    -20 minutes from P4 and the unloading bay along Boulevard du Mercantour (corner of Verola).

    -20 minutes departing from the MIN market (it may take longer depending on traffic).

    -40 minutes to reach the stadium from the city centre (it may take longer depending on traffic).


The shuttle fleet varies from 20 to 45 vehicles, depending on the amount of spectators expected.


 4 entrances into the stadium:

    -The P0 car park, reserved for guests and certain season ticket holders, may only be reached via Avenue Verola and the bridge under the A8 motorway.

    -The P1 car park, reserved for service providers, the media and certain guests, as well as the Nice One car park, may only be reached via the A8 roundabout on Boulevard du Mercantour.

    -Two-wheelers may only reach their dedicated car park via Avenue Verola at the intersection with Avenue Pierre de Coubertin.

    -The P1bis and P2 car parks, intended for season ticket holders and people who have purchased a seat, may only be reached via the intersection of Avenue Ste Marguerite and Rue Mimoun.


3 routes for motorists

The new traffic system has freed up Avenue Sainte Marguerite, concentrating the shuttles for the P5, PMIN and City Centre (Line 95) car parks on to Avenue Simone Veil.


This option offers local residents and Nice residents the possibility of driving in both a northbound or southbound direction using any one of 3 routes across the Plaine du Var:

    -Boulevard du Mercantour (M6202)

    -The M6202bis expressway

    -Avenue Sainte Marguerite


This will allow a smooth, speedy rotation for shuttles serving free public car parks. In addition, it will take less time for spectators to get back to their vehicle after the match.


> > For the overall access map or P0 and P1bis/P2 maps, click on the images.


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