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Sunday 21 September 2014

Anniversary and Open day at Allianz Riviera

Allianz Riviera celebrates its first anniversary in context of the European heritage days.  It is with joy and happiness that the stadium will open its doors to the public for a day, under the sign of the discovery of the multifunctional arena of the city of Nice. 


Free visits will unveil the back stages of the stadium, including spaces where the public has no access during the games:  

- Turf and team benches

- OGC Nice’s changing room

- Press conference room

- Presidential lounge and terrace

- Double VIP box

- Press room and stand 


Book your Sunday 21 September now. With friends and family, discover behind the scenes of this awesome setting of the Plaine du Var. This special day will also be punctuated with exceptional events, which will show some new features of the stadium. 


The day's program is from 10.00 until 7pm. There will be numerous activities for children and adults. After a glance at the National Museum of Sport, do not miss the highline crossing attempts, tilting jumps coupled with a zip line from the roof of the stadium, demonstrations of jumpline, initiations of slackline, the photo call and musical entertainment.


The vibrations are here and continue at Allianz Riviera.


Practical information relating to this day:



- Parking near the stadium (P1bis on Rue Pierre de Coubertin and P2bis on the Boulevard des Jardiniers)

- Public entrance doors A and L of the stadium (level forecourt)

- General entrance of the Museum (opposite the Boulevard des Jardiniers)



- The French Fries and Candy Bar stands for food and refreshments. 

- Backstage visit of Allianz Riviera:  turf, changing room, conference room, lounge, VIP box, press etc.

- "Self-service" photocall in the inside walkway of the stadium

- Photo booth in the Presidential lounge of the stadium

- Introduction to the practice of slackline in the inside walkway of the stadium

- Batucada on the esplanade of the stadium: 3 passes (11am, 1pm and 3:30pm)

- Music group on stage in the inside walkway of the stadium: 4 passes (10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4:30pm)

- Official OGC Nice shop

- Free visit or guided tour of the National Sports Museum


ANIMATION program:

10am:   opening of the doors of Allianz Riviera, start of the tilting/Zip line jumps in the stadium arena.

11am:  opening of doors to the National Sports Museum, demonstration/initiation of horseback riding in front of the museum

11:30am:  Record of Highline crossing* in the arena of the stadium

1pm:  Continuation of the tilting/Zip line jumps in the arena of the stadium

2pm:  Screening of the film "With all our Strength" in the auditorium of the National Sports Museum

2:30pm:  Jump line demonstration* on the turf side of the stadium

2:30pm:  Family blind-test - prizes to win in the National Sports Museum

3pm:  Protocol Sequence at the Presidential lounge of the stadium

3pm:  Fitness testing in front of the National Sports Museum

3:30pm:  Jump line demonstration* on the turf side of the stadium

3:30pm:  Fan make up in the museum

4:30pm:  Photo workshop with an object from the museum collections

5pm:  Closing of the gates of Allianz Riviera

6pm:  Closing of the gates of the National Sports Museum


* Slackline: slackline is a sport close to tightrope walking:  instead of moving a steel cable using a pendulum, the objective is to move forward on a (slack) strap elastic and without accessories!


* Record of Highline: Professionals will attempt to cross the stadium at roof level on an elastic strap. This is Massive!


* Jump line: Young and old can learn this practice where one jumps and does acrobatic figures from an elastic strap that is held between two pillars of 50 cm in height.


This event will take place thanks to the kind participation of the French Alpine Club, Mr Dellacasa and his teams.

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