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28 August 2017

Souvenir pictures of the first concert at the Allianz Riviera

Céline Dion delighted the audience at the Allianz Riviera on July 20th, 2017 when she visited Nice during her LIVE 2017 Tour.
The concert was her final performance in France and the first show of this magnitude in the Riviera stadium.
It was a great opportunity for fans to come and admire the Allianz Riviera in a brand new light and an incredible ambience…
Concert de Céline Dion
General public

Céline Dion a enchanté le public de l’Allianz Riviera le 20 juillet 2017 lors de sa tournée LIVE 2017. Le concert à Nice fut la dernière étape française et le premier spectacle de cette envergure...


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