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07 December 2017

A new mobile application

Check out what’s new with Allianz Riviera’s Stadium Experience application. It is available as of now on iOS and Android
A connected stadium
The Allianz Riviera wishes to provide a platform with innovative services so as to improve the experience of every spectator before, during and after each event. In early 2016, the stadium deployed 467 HD WiFi routers throughout the facility (including the stands as well as the forecourts) delivering a 1 gigabit per second connection.
Digital technology to enhance the stadium experience
This new Allianz Riviera application will further improve the spectator experience. It delivers to users the full range of sports information and useful tips before and during all OGC Nice games.
Spotlight on a few innovative functionalities:
- An interactive map to guide you towards points of interest located in and around the stadium
- Detailed Access maps and a gateway to Waze showing which roads are closed on match days
- An ordering service to arrange for the delivery of food and merchandizing items to your seat inside the stadium
- Multiple-camera service to watch and replay game action from different angles
- Enhanced editorial content: live text, news, photos and videos about OGC Nice
- Collective and individual real-time stats about teams and players
And to download the application right now from iOS or Google Play, simply click on those links!
Nouvelle appli mobile Expérience Stade
General public
Vivez vos matchs autrement grâce aux fonctionnalités connectées pour enrichir votre expérience pendant un évènement (module de second écran multi-caméras, statistiques en temps réel enrichis d’...

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