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31 January 2016

NEW: Launching and testing HD WIFI at the Allianz Riviera

Two years after its inauguration, the Allianz Riviera remains one of France’s most modern and innovative stadiums as it launches High Density WIFI across the entire arena.
The City of Nice’s next-generation stadium is determined to continue enhancing the spectators’ experience throughout the arena. Over the past 6 months, the stadium has been equipped with 467 state-of-the-art WIFI access points, spread across the entire arena (outside forecourt, lounges and terraces), to provide visitors with an even fuller experience.
A life-size trial will be conducted during the RC Toulon v Stade Français Paris match on January 31st, 2016. Rugby supporters attending this game will enjoy the 168 WIFI access points on the terraces, connected to a 1Gbps internet stream. Social network enthusiasts will be able to surf the Web and share unlimited photos and videos.
The “AllianzRiviera” HD WIFI network will be available free of charge to the public in the arena and on the forecourt. There will be promotional operations (distributing flyers, ransom draws and contests) aiming at maximizing the amount of connections in the stadium in order to test how reliable the setup is.
Ultimately, this initiative should help in securing the Allianz Riviera’s position in the era of connected stadiums, especially through the development of a new mobile application giving spectators a full range of services like real-time match statistics, pre-ordering food products, geolocation and much more. 

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