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04 December 2017

Game of drones at the Allianz Riviera

The Allianz Riviera is the first stadium in France to provide team-building activities focused on drones!
Following a morning meeting, you can hold a “drone race” within the Allianz Riviera arena featuring your own teams!
Fly simply, precisely and intensely!
Because they are light, compact and aerodynamic, drones are easy to handle. 
An activity in 3 parts:
- Depart from the take-off zone, the objective being to land as accurately as possible on the centre of the target in the berthing zone.
- Depart for a frantic straight-line circuit featuring obstacles to be avoided… manoeuvre, zigzag and overtake your opponents!
- Depart for a relay race: fly beneath the arch, go around the masts as fast as possible and go back to your starting point so your teammates can take their turn!
For those who are proficient, there is an immersive, augmented-reality flight. Using FPV goggles (for “First Person View” or remote-person view), you will be entering a whole new field of vision, and taking on quite a challenge!
For further information, please contact Claire Castellan, Corporate Sales Manager, at
L’Allianz Riviera est le premier stade en France à proposer une activité team-building autour des drones !
Après une matinée de réunion, organisez une « course de drone » dans l’arène de l’Allianz Riviera avec vos équipes !
Pilotez simplement, précisément et intensément !
Allianz Riviera Drone Race

Fédérez vos équipes grâce à un challenge sportif dans un univers symbolique. Allianz Riviera Drone Race est le seul team building où l’arène de l’Allianz Riviera devient votre aire de vol. Il s’...


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