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05 June 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™

Are you looking for specific information about the FIFA™ Women's World Cup?

You will find in our FAQ dedicated specifically to this event, all the following information:
Regarding access to the stadium, here are some key elements that you can also find in detail here.
• To reach the Nice stadium, you can take different types of transport such as :
✔ Shuttles from the city centre where the Village Fan Exerience will be located (Centenary monument side at Jardin Albert 1er). Possibility to take the shuttle to Phoenix Park.
✔ The train from the South station and the SNCF station (then the bus to the stadium).
✔ The Taxi and ask to be dropped off at Place Musso in Saint Isidore - in front of the Les 4 Coins Brewery.
✔ The car, the public car parks are the P4 and P5. The P MIN will eventually be opened depending on the attendance of the match. 
✔ Two-wheelers, parking is available up to 3 hours before kick-off.
The bike, a bicycle parking lot is located in front of the National Sports Museum.
• To get to the stadium, a shuttle system is set up from the car parks :
✔ The service is free of charge for ticket holders ;
✔ Car park pick-up ;
Drop off at the corner of Rue du Sapin and Avenue Simone Veil ;
Return parking at the same place as the drop-off point on the outward journey (attention 2 shuttles are available at the end of the match, one returning to the city centre, the other going to the car parks).


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