FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019: 5 reasons to support “Les Bleues”

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28 May 2019

FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019: 5 reasons to support “Les Bleues”

This Women’s World Cup is announced by FIFA President Gianni infantino as “One of the best ever Women’s World Cup”, held in France, a nation that pays tribute to women in football.
The competition will take place from June 7th to July 7th, 2019 with the opening match in the Parc des Princes in Paris and the final in Lyon, a leading city in women’s football with a club that dominates Europe and which has provided a number of players to the national roster. This is an opportunity for French people to contemplate their national team’s talent and to encourage the women who play this sport which deserves more recognition. After supporting France’s men’s team last year for several weeks, right up to their victory, it is now high time we once again got our red, white and blue jerseys and flags ready so we can support “Les Bleues” in the competition.
Here are 5 reasons to support the Women’s World Cup :
1. Because the World Cup is happening in France
This year, the Women’s World Cup is coming to you directly via Valenciennes, Le Havre, Reims, Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Grenoble, Montpellier and Nice. All matches will take place at one of those nine stadiums located throughout the country.
2. Because Les Bleues look highly promising
On home ground, France is one of the nations deemed favourite to grab and raise the world cup. Currently 4th in FIFA world rankings behind the USA, Germany and England, our Bleues still have every chance to win. The determined women slammed Thailand by 3-0 last weekend at a friendly match. Do not miss the last friendly match prior to the start of the Women’s World Cup, taking place against China this Friday May 31st. 
3. Because women’s football is rapidly expanding
With fast-increasing media coverage, women’s football will be a sport to contend with over the coming years. At long last, a Golden Ball has been awarded to a woman last December. It went to Ada Herberg, an international player from Norway who plays for Olympique Lyonnais.
There is only one football, and I believe this is what our French team projected in Russia with their win, with a France reunited, so that little girls saw many football pictures that were tempting. And nowadays, France’s national team attracts audiences of 800,000 viewers whenever it plays; First Division games also gather substantial TV audiences and they are broadcast in full. All this also leads many of those young girls to identify with players Gaëtane Thiney, Wendie Renard or Sarah Bouhaddi” explains French Football Federation Vice-President Brigitte Henriques.
4. Because they have great technique 
Good technique is vital in women’s football, for women have less power than the men. Thus women players tend to develop a more collective kind of game which always allows for greater playing quality. In addition, the women have more respect for rules, referees and for their teammates. This results in beautifully flowing play with very few stops in the game. And since they are as good at the art of juggling as their male counterparts, their matches are always a treat to watch.
5. Because we must fight prejudice
Ten days ago, the promotion campaign for the German women’s world cup adventure got off to a flying start. “We are playing for a nation that doesn’t even know our names” says German coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg in a voice-over on a commercial sponsored by Commerzbank. The 90-second clip, riddled with self-deprecating comments, denounces stereotypes.
Discussions about football and prejudice are getting increasing media coverage. In 2017, the appointment of Corinne Diacre as France’s team coach was widely praised. In that same year, the Swedish players took advantage of a match to display slogans on their jerseys that aimed at encouraging young girls to give football a try.
The French team players are now in the spotlight in a short two-minute film released this Friday by the FFF. “Naissance d’une passion“(Birth of a Passion) is made up of images that come from the personal archives of certain players. As the common thread to a support movement, the film tells us about the various stages in the life of a top-level football player: childhood, adolescence, training, happy moments, moments of doubt, and the matches.
We are in 2019, and this year the Women’s World Cup should achieve the same goals: to make young people dream and to eliminate prejudice within the milieu.
>> Reminder : the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ will take place from June 7th to July 7th.
Here is the schedule of matches in Nice that will take place at the Allianz Riviera stadium : 
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Fiers d’être Bleues – Naissance d’une passion
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La Fédération française de Football présente "Naissance d’une passion", le film de l’Equipe de France féminine de Football pour la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA France 2019.

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