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Buy in a group and share the payment!

You want to buy in a group but no longer or don’t want to pay the costs in advance on behalf of your friends. Opt for shared payment. Nothing could be simpler!

1. Book tickets for your group

2. Choose to share payment* via ShareGroop

3. Fill in the email addresses of the co-payers and only pay for your share

4. Your friends have 5 days to validate their participation

* Service charges equivalent to €1.50/co-payer and payable in addition to the cost of seats are at the expense of all of the buyers.

Your seats are guaranteed whatever happens!
If one of your friends is slow to pay, ShareGroop takes care of chasing them up.
If they forget to pay, you will be charged for their share at the end of the sharing deadline.
Don’t worry… 98% of shares are completed on time!

Others means of payment

Allianz Riviera offers 2 major means of payment: credit card and cash to make purchases at the stadium. An online prepayment system is coming very soon to make transactions easier.

  • Credit/bank card

  • Cheque

  • Cash

Please note : there are no cash distributors in the stadium

ComiE TO MEPrepayment online

From your home or seat, so that you can order from the snack-bars and thus shorten the time spent waiting in line


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