Live&Replay, second-screen technology


During major events, spectators at the Allianz Riviera may choose directly on their mobile their preferred viewing angle from the cameras and so watch unseen footage. By using this second-screen technology, spectators take command of the match they are watching. Exclusively available via the “Allianz Riviera” HD WiFi network deployed within the stadium, this service offers users unprecedented visual content.
Live&Replay by VOGO makes it possible to watch game action from different angles. Spectators can now zoom in, zoom out and freeze frame with a basic touch. There is also an isolated camera which roams behind the scenes at the event. Fans may admire areas that are usually off-limits, like watching the players’ arrival, or following them prior to the match in the corridor leading to the pitch.
Enjoying Live&Replay during your visit to the Allianz Riviera… nothing could be simpler:
1- Download the Allianz Riviera mobile application 
2- Connect to the "Allianz Riviera" free HD WiFi network
3- Click on the Live&Replay button of the Stadium Experience app
4- Select the camera that you want to watch
5- Take control of the available footage


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