Free unlimited HD Wifi


The Allianz Riviera has remained one of France’s most modern and innovative stadiums following the deployment in January 2016 of High-Density WiFi throughout the facility.
It took six months of work for the stadium to be equipped with 467 of the latest model of WiFi routers deployed across the exterior forecourt, the lounges and the stands, providing visitors with an even richer experience. Spectators can enjoy a 1-Gigabit-per-second internet connection authorizing up to 10,000 simultaneous connections. Social network enthusiasts may surf and share unlimited photos and videos on the web and enjoy the mobile application’s connected functionalities.
Enjoying HD WiFi during your visit to the Allianz Riviera… nothing could be simpler:
1- Connect to the "AllianzRiviera" or "FWWC 2019free HD WiFi network with your smartphone as you enter the stadium.
2- Complete the identification form by opening an internet page if this is your first visit. You will be automatically recognized on any subsequent visits, so you will not have to complete the form again.
3- Click on the connect button and enjoy our mobile application’s connected functionalities. For further information about our Stadium Experience application, follow this link!



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