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18 August 2017

Girls Run Summer Tour #Nice

The Girls RUN programme is a series of free running sessions, exclusively open to women and suitable for all women.
Since March 2015, Girls RUN sessions have spread to about thirty cities, and they comprise 15 to 50 participants at every session in a lively fun ambience!
The idea is simple: participants are all asked to meet in a city-centre shop, where a specialized coach takes charge of the runners for a period of one hour that includes running, exercises to learn to run correctly, and muscle strengthening routines. The overall pace and the exercises are suitable for all levels.
What are the Girls RUN values? Meeting people, having a good time, and lots of perspiration!
Refreshments will be provided at the end of the session to regain some strength and to chat with the various attendees. 
Ladies, if you feel like being active and exerting yourself, but are somewhat lacking in motivation, think no more! Come and join the Girls RUN community! Come with your women friends or come alone and meet new ones in the Girls RUN sessions!
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