Céline Dion

Thursday 20 July 2017 at 20h30
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Pop music legend Celine Dion, one of the world’s greatest voices, pursues her 35-year career by preparing to offer the audience at the Allianz Riviera an unforgettable show!
The world class superstar returns to the big stage with a new world tour called “LIVE 2017”.
She has scheduled a stopover on the French Riviera, in Nice, on Thursday July 20th, 2017, for the last date on the French leg of the tour.
You can expect this outstanding performer to fire up the stadium for the greatest joy of the 35,000 lucky spectators at the Allianz Riviera!
Category 3: €73
Category 2-Stalls: €89.50
Category 2: €89.50
Category 1-Stalls: €111.50
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Category Gold-Stalls: €155.50
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